Your Yoga Den at home

Whether you are looking to build a yoga studio just for you, or a space to share with others for your yoga business – a green retreats garden building offers complete flexibility in design to create the perfect yoga retreat. Your garden yoga studio will be your dedicated space for calm and concentration, all in the comfort and practicality of your home garden. 

Why a Garden Yoga room?


Modern households are loud, busy places. Whether you live in a multi-generational home or have multiple children, noise can get in the way of getting your peace and quiet. Garden Yoga rooms are fully insulated buildings, which means they keep the noise out as well as the cold. Garden & Rooms trademark soundproofing walls make it easier for you to focus on your yoga.


Making a physical space in your home and garden for your yoga practice can have such a positive impact on your life.

With a yoga studio of your own, an hour session can actually be a complete hour of practice. Cut back on wasted time and money without the need to travel to your nearest class or studio space (or the time spent rearranging furniture to accommodate for your yoga mat at home!)

Clutter-free space for a clear mind; a dedicated space to practice yoga means that the moment you step into your studio you can switch off to the outside world and focus on you

Welcome To Eco Build Garden Rooms

Every project is unique, Here are our customization options

Installation of a kitchen with under sink water heater.

Instillation of a WC toilet and sink or a shower

Additional electrics for home office, internet wiring and sockets.

At ECO Build Garden Rooms, each of our customers is unique and has different tastes and preferences to fit into their specific garden size and shape. If you have specific design requests, our team will be happy to accommodate them to the best of our abilities. Please contact us with your details on the form below and we would be delighted to have a chat about your requirements and arrange a site visit and survey.

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