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Eco Pod 14

Our 3.5 meter Eco Pod 14 is a combination of both classic and contemporary design to compliment any garden. The large double glazed sliding doors create a light and airy feel, whilst the depth of the Eco Pod 14 creates ample workspace.

Dimensions:  3.5m X 4m
Area 14m2

Price From: €19,500 + vat = €22,133

Eco Pod 18

The 5 metre Eco Pod 18 has all the benefits of our Eco Pod 14 version, but with an extra 4 metres of enclosed workspace.

The internal layout is large enough for 2 ‘zones’ with ample room for a work desk as well as a sofa or relaxation area. With many customise options to make the most out of the extra space.

Dimensions: 3.6m x 5m
Area 18m2

Price from: €23,724 + vat = €26,926

Eco Pod 22

Our Eco Pod 22 design features a stunning double opening glass corner, consisting of twin double glazed sliding doors. The layout has been designed to blend the maximum useable space with the ultimate open airy feel thanks to the large glass corners.

Ideal for a multitude of purposes from home working to home playing it’s design is sure to keep you on point for years to come.

Dimensions: 3.6m x 6.1m
Area 22m2

Price from: €28,996 + vat = €32,910

Eco Pod 25

Arguably our range-topper, the oversize 7 metre ECO POD 25 again creates 25m2 of garden room space. The combination of the open-plan double glass corner and enclosed workspace makes it a truly superior place for work, exercise, family time or a combination of all. Like the rest of our range, it comes with a host of exterior options of decking and canopy roof.

Warm and cosy in the winter. Outside space for a cool drink in the summer. Our ethos is simple, beautifully stylish rooms, with various optional extras to suit your requirements.

Dimensions: 3.6m x 7.0m
Area 25m2

Price from: €32,950 + vat = €37,398

Welcome To Eco Build Garden Rooms

Every project is unique, Here are our customization options

Installation of a kitchen with under sink water heater.

Instillation of a WC toilet and sink or a shower

Additional electrics for home office, internet wiring and sockets.

At ECO Build Garden Rooms, each of our customers is unique and has different tastes and preferences to fit into their specific garden size and shape. If you have specific design requests, our team will be happy to accommodate them to the best of our abilities. Please contact us with your details on the form below and we would be delighted to have a chat about your requirements and arrange a site visit and survey.

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