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Garden office buildings are growing in popularity with more and more people making the modern switch to work from home. Garden offices provide the perfect work-life balance solution whilst creating extra space at home.

Our premium quality garden rooms are fully-insulated meaning you will have a warm, dry and comfortable space to work all-year-round. Not at all like a ‘shed office’ or ‘shoffice’, our buildings are built to the same quality, safety and insulation standards as a room in your house. This means you can create a professional and comfortable workspace in the practicality of your home garden.


More companies than ever are opting to allow their employees to work from home. However, not everyone enjoys working from his or her kitchen countertop or living room. This lack of space has led many people to rent offices away from their homes, requiring a longer commute.


Modern households are loud, busy places. Whether you live in a multi-generational home or have multiple children, noise can get in the way of getting your job done efficiently. Garden offices are fully insulated buildings, which means they keep the noise out as well as the cold. Garden & Rooms trademark soundproofing walls make it easier for you to focus on your work.


Working inside your home can be challenging to separate your professional life from your family life. Having a garden office makes it easier to maintain a healthier work-life balance. You can focus on your work during business hours, then spend time with your family by simply walking across the yard whenever the need arises. Garden offices from a family’s standpoint make sense.

Garden Room Office

Why is the Garden Office?

Working from home requires peace and quiet for concentration and effective communications. Home offices throughout Ireland are on the rise as more people are discovering these affordable garden office kits. Installing a garden office in your backyard is the perfect solution for a home-based business.

A garden office meets Irish building requirements and permissions. They are fully insulated buildings that can be placed anywhere on your property. Garden offices offer working professionals the extra room and solitude they need to focus on their jobs. Small enough that they don’t require planning permissions but robust enough to provide a comfortable office range and comfortable workspace.

Let’s explore some more information about how a garden office improves productivity? Below is everything you need to know about a self-contained home office engineered by Garden & Rooms.

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Every project is unique, Here are our customization options

Installation of a kitchen with under sink water heater.

Instillation of a WC toilet and sink or a shower

Additional electrics for home office, internet wiring and sockets.

At ECO Build Garden Rooms, each of our customers is unique and has different tastes and preferences to fit into their specific garden size and shape. If you have specific design requests, our team will be happy to accommodate them to the best of our abilities. Please contact us with your details on the form below and we would be delighted to have a chat about your requirements and arrange a site visit and survey.

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